Its A New Day!

Been meaning to get this going since September when every professor I have insisted I start a blog like they were Rex Ryan’s wife insisting he visit his personal care provider. Sheesh. Something about today. The sun rose at about 7:08 am, and I, as a college kid fresh off finals week, rose at about 1:08 pm. Been watching Six Feet Under on HBO ever since. At about 8:45 I decided to do something with my day. Thus, I now have a blog.

Most of the holdup was trying to come up with a clever name for the blog. I thought I’d come at this thing from every angle. I never thought of having one of the words in title represent two of the three topics at hand. Let me think I’m a genius for at least a week before anyone tells me its stupid.

Regardless, here we are. I finally have an outlet to rave about whatever I want to rave about. After all, it’s not every day that someone tells me to list my ten most influential albums on Facebook. Nuh uh. That’s what blogs are for.

Any hardcore music fan will know that we always think in terms top 10 lists. If there’s not enough items, then we drop it down to 5. If there’s something that can’t be left out, we’ll up it to 15 or 20. That’s just the way things work, and its the way nature intended it to work.

Most of all, I can’t wait to tear the news to shreds and also make fun of the NFL. As much as I love football, the follies that occur on the field paired with the ongoing PR failures of the NFL make for some great material. You’ll see some NHL in here too, maybe a touch of MLB.

As a journalism major, the one thing I can never see myself doing is reporting news. I’m way too inclined to make everything into a joke and eventually become the fat kid on a teeter totter and violently explain why the story is wrong and/or stupid.

That being said, enjoy!



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