Jay Cutler Benched



I’d bet money that this pass was picked off.

But with all seriousness, I feel bad for Jay Cutler. Not just because he has diabetes, but because he’s a gunslinger. That’s what got him to the NFL in the first place. It’s what brought great careers to guys like Brett Favre and Dan Fouts. It’s what’s giving Matthew Stafford all this praise he’s been getting.

But with gunslingers, there’s an unpredictability factor that comes in the package, alongside the immense arm strength. It’s like turning on TNT and finding out it’s an NBA playoff game, or using Donkey Kong in Mario Baseball. You just don’t know.

Jay Cutler is one of those players. He’ll light up a defense one week and throw five picks the next. And for the Bears, six years of it has been enough. At least for the rest of this season, we’ll be seeing the ghost of Notre Dame football’s past under center.