Marshfield DPW Forced to Remove Sign

I really wish I had this blog started when the whole “Save Christmas” sitcom plot was in full swing. Everyone on my floor out at Umass Amherst was asking me about that. It was a nationwide phenomenon. All happening in my hometown. Brought a tear to the eye.

Regardless, for anyone who doesn’t know, the guys at the Marshfield DPW threw up one of those highway signs on 139 that read “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Marshfield DPW, God Bless”. It was initially removed, but then Highway Safety Systems in Hanover decided to donate the sign, which didn’t cost the town anything. The sign was placed on private property. After a complaint to Marshfield High School, the DPW was forced to remove the sign.

So much to say about this.

First off, since when does the school run the town? Taxpayers just dropped $101 million dollars on a prison and a bronze ram complete with a life-sized pair of balls. If you ask me, the reduction of the ram’s balls was a metaphor for the reduction of the amount of say people in this town have. Accept it, we’re officially a privatized prison town. No longer a drinking town with a fishing problem, although the inmates of Marshfield Penitentiary would have something to say about that. That sentiment has been abolished.

Next, the fact that the chairman of the local union said it had nothing to do with the “holiday break” debacle is completely false. I’ve worked at the DPW the past two summers, and I know for a fact that was exactly why they put it there. I know these guys, and they weren’t taking a stand against the outcome or anything, they were just doing because, like the rest of us, they thought it was a stupid semantics debate in the first place. But above all, they think it was hilarious that they did it. And it was. Just basically shoving the “we don’t care” mantra down the throat of every passenger of every passing car. No matter what your story or background is, you now know that the Marshfield DPW doesn’t give a shit. Godspeed.

And Finally, I’m a big fan of the ongoing “Pussification of America” series on Barstool Sports. Well, here’s another entry.