NFL Week 16 Picks

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers


Who cares. I don’t even know who’s starting at quarterback for the Titans. I guess it’s must be Jake Locker right? The kid who took the selfie is out for the year, I know that much. I suppose I’ll go with the Jags here, Titans barely won the last two match ups.


Eagles. Don’t underestimate the Sanchez factor though. That’s been shown to decide games in the past.


Chargers. The 49ers offense blows this year. 27th in the league. They find ways to lose games. Don’t expect them to win this one.


Toss up. I’m going with the Vikings. They competed down to the last second with the Lions last week. They played a full game, something that the Dolphins have shown they can’t do. Especially in last week’s loss to the Patriots.


It’s hard to take this game from the Texans, but I’m going to go with the Ravens, as much as I’d love to see the Texans win. Like the Titans, I don’t even know who’s starting at quarterback for the Texans. I think his last name was “Savage” or something vicious like that. Don’t expect it to be an easy win, as the Texans front seven will be putting pressure on Joe Flacco all day.


Lions. Way too much downside for the Bears, way too much upside for the Lions. Jimmy Clausen still exists to. Expect him to not exist after this game.


Panthers. Johnny Football sucks. The Browns are doomed without Brian Hoyer under center. Even if the Panthers don’t have Cam Newton, expect the last quarterback to have been a pro bowler on the Browns, Derek Anderson, to put a dagger in their season.


Saints. It’s no secret the NFC South is a joke, but I just can’t see any team but the Saints coming out of it. This team is much better than the one that let up 37 points to the Falcons in week 1. The Saints have the 2nd ranked offense in the league, but the 31st ranked defense. Who’s number 32? Falcons. Good enough for me.


Packers. Not much explanation needed. They fell victim to the Bills last week, but the Bills are a hundred times better than the Buccaneers.


As much as I want to pick the Chiefs, I have to pick the Steelers. Best offense in the league that when you start them up, they never stop. Unless they run out of time. So stop them early and stop them often, and Andy Reid’s Chiefs can win.


Why do the Jets always give the Patriots a hard time? I’m still going with the Patriots, but unfortunately I don’t see a blowout here.


Rams. This team is on fire. Their defense is hot, and as long as Shaun Hill manages the game well and the defense can keep Odell Beckham Jr. under control, the Rams come away with this win. This a 10 win team with Sam Bradford under center.


Bills. Never thought I’d see the day when a Buffalo Bills team has a winning record, let alone a legitimate chance at the postseason. The 5th ranked defense up against the last ranked offense is a recipe for disaster.


Cowboys. They just don’t lose at home (7-0 this year). A much more well-rounded team than the Colts, especially on the offensive line.


Really hard to take this game from the Seahawks, but I think I’m going to do it. Cardinals at home are different from Cardinals on the road. Bruce Arians will likely dissect the Seahawks like a fetal pig in high school anatomy class. The Seahawks never look that different from week to week, so the first game film from two weeks ago should expose them. It’ll depend on if Ryan Lindley can put up points.


Broncos. Andy Dalton is about due for one of his cold weeks. This game won’t be handed to the Bengals with a ribbon like it was last week. Broncos will easily hit north of 30 in this game, and the Bengals won’t be able to keep up.