Sony Scraps “The Interview”


It’s Official: Sony Scraps ‘The Interview’

Well now I’m pissed.

I honestly wasn’t too upset before. The hacks didn’t really impact me. I’m not a shareholder in Sony or anything, so I didn’t really care. Even when it was revealed a few hours ago (before this blog came to fruition) that North Korea was behind the attacks I wasn’t that upset. Everyone assumed it was North Korea, who have finally decided to put on their big boy pants in 2014 and pay someone else to hack the living hell out of one of the largest entertainment distributors in the world.

Now I’m pissed because tradition is being interfered with. I usually like to go a see a movie either Christmas night or the next day. 2012 I saw Django, and last year it was the Wolf of Wall St. Guess what film was supposed to be released on Christmas Day this year? Mhmm. This is war, Kim. Or Jong-Un, however last names work over there.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a huge Franco fan and I’m a huge Rogen fan. Anything these guys make is a home run comedy, and there’s no reason to think this wouldn’t have been. But now, Sony isn’t releasing it to theaters at all, and don’t expect me to be at a screening of “Into The Woods” on Christmas Day. Not even sure when I’ll be able to see this movie. Sony has “no further plans” regarding a release. The pussies won’t even put it on demand. I can understand taking terrorist threats seriously, but it’s not like Kim Jong-Un is going to burst into my living room and gun me down as I order the most anticipated comedy of the year with 100% fiber optic speed.

I for one would’ve walked into that theater and seen the movie. I’m not going to give these powerless people power by giving in to their empty threats and not see the damn movie. I’m always of the camp that if it doesn’t impact me, I don’t really care. Gay marriage, abortion, sure. When it comes into my life at a magnitude of even moderate seriousness, maybe I’ll take a side. North Korea’s ball just went into Mr. Mertle’s backyard. And I’m the dog. Beware the dog. This is war.