Top 10 Saddest Movies

Don’t ask me to put these in order. It’s not happening.

Good Will Hunting


Dallas Buyers Club

I knew it was coming the whole film.

Marley And Me

This one hits home for anyone who’s lost a pet (Love you Jake).

Eight Below

Several dog deaths in this one. R.I.P. Paul Walker.

The Normal Heart

Please excuse the Green Day, best clip I could find. Adds to the evocation of emotion at least.

Toy Story 3

Goodbye childhood.


Vivid memories of crying like a little girl during this one.

Requiem For A Dream

Don’t do drugs. Or you’ll turn into one-armed Jared Leto.

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

It’s all fun and games until your own kid gets gassed.

Dead Poet’s Society

Although he’s not in this clip, R.I.P.

Honorable Mentions:

‘Shawshank Redemption’ – Brooks’ death

‘Green Mile’ – John Coffey’s death

‘Armageddon’ – Harry’s death (I’m sensing a theme)

‘Blue Valentine’ – …the end

‘I Am Legend’ – if you’ve seen it then you know

‘Legends of the Fall’ – ditto