Fox 26 Houston Uses NBA 2K Photo for Troy Daniels


Houston Fox Affiliate Uses Pic of Troy Daniels from NBA2K in Segment About Trade


That wasn’t so hard, was it? It’s even Photoshop-ready. A quick Google search is all that was needed. It almost looks like they just took a picture of a TV screen.

How are we even supposed to know they actually have him on the phone? I’ve now lost all trust in Fox 26 Houston. If I ever find myself in the area, I’m definitely not tuning in. For all we know, that could be just some random employee. The picture certainly isn’t him, that’s for sure.

Side note: NBA 2K is at the back of the bus as far as sports games go. It goes Madden, NHL, SSX, FIFA, MLB, WWE, Forza, a hundred feet of crap, then NBA.