Ranking the Foo Fighters’ Discography

Ok so this is where I should be concluding the past 24 hours of me going off about the Foos. I’ve just had a lot of different thoughts that couldn’t go into just one post. So here’s the last post concerning Foo Fighters until further notice.

This will simply be the eight studio albums. Obviously I’m not going to include the greatest hits album or the Skin and Bones live album. But let’s get one thing straight: I like all these albums. Just because it’s last doesn’t necessarily mean its bad. So without further ado:

8. One By One (2002)


Ok maybe this one isn’t so great. The band even said this is the album they like the least. It set the precedent for the poor album tracks that came in the two albums following it. Obviously ‘Times Like These’ and ‘All My Life’ are two of the best Foos tracks, and two of the essential. Besides those two, this album doesn’t bring much to the table.

Standout tracks: ‘All My Life’, ‘Times Like These’, ‘Disenchanted Lullaby’.

7. In Your Honor (2005)


The Foos fell into the two disc trap here. One electric disc, one acoustic disc. Like its predecessor, In Your Honor‘s singles are really what carried it to glory. ‘Best Of You’ was a platinum, #1 single that was covered by Prince at the Super Bowl. ‘DOA’ was a gold #1 single. The ‘No Way Back’ / ‘Cold Day In The Sun’ single was #2. But once again it was the album tracks that didn’t amount too much. Between the two discs, ‘Razor’ is the only album track that really stands out.

Standout tracks: ‘Best Of You’, ‘DOA’, ‘No Way Back’, ‘Cold Day In The Sun’, ‘Razor’, ‘Miracle’.

6. Echoes, Silence, Patience, And Grace (2007)


I guess they figured out you can do the electric/acoustic thing on the same disk. Huh. The album tracks on this one picked up the slack where the last two albums failed, but not 100%. Singles ‘The Pretender’, ‘Long Road To Ruin’, and ‘Let It Die’ all went #1, and are pretty recognizable tracks. I’d specifically like to point out album tracks ‘Summer’s End’ and ‘Statues’ as maybe the only two well-crafted album tracks of the three 2000’s releases.

Standout tracks: ‘The Pretender’, ‘Long Road To Ruin’, ‘Let It Die’, ‘Cheer Up Boys’, ‘Summer’s End’, ‘Statues’.

5. Sonic Highways (2014)


I’ve stated my opinions on this album. I’m a fan of it. The first half of the album is all singles, since they were released simultaneously with the release of their respective episode of the HBO series. The second half is all ‘album tracks’, even though it seems like every song is a single. The band is surely treating every song like a single. They definitely carried as much energy as the apparent next three albums on the list.

Standout tracks: ‘Something From Nothing’, ‘The Feast And The Famine’, ‘Congregation’, ‘In The Clear’.

DISCLAIMER: On the next four albums, all the tracks are standout tracks. It will simply be a “best of the best” type of deal.

4. Foo Fighters (1995)


What started it all. Just Dave doing his thing. Hard to believe one guy recorded every instrument on this album. Truly a remarkable piece of art. Some might argue with this placement, but the top four are pretty close, you could pretty much list them in any order and make an argument for it. Only 4/6 singles charted, but charts, certifications, and awards aren’t how you measure how good a song is.

Standout tracks: ‘Big Me’, ‘This Is A Call’, ‘I’ll Stick Around’, ‘Floaty’, ‘Alone + Easy Target’.

3. There Is Nothing Left To Lose (1999)


This was the last album to showcase outstanding album tracks across the board until Wasting Light. A true front-to-back album. Although ‘Learn To Fly’ was the only certified #1 single, fans know the other four as great tracks as well. Phenomenal album tracks.

Standout tracks: ‘Learn to Fly’, ‘Breakout’, ‘Gimme Stitches’, ‘Aurora’, ‘Next Year’, ‘Stacked Actors’.

2. Wasting Light (2011)


This was the career revitalization the needed. An absolute PERFECT album, front to back. Not one track to be displeased with. #1 album in 12 counties, two #1 singles, a #2 singles, and 2 other commercially successful singles. Also the first full album I ever bought. Forever has a place in my heart.

Standout tracks: ‘Bridge Burning’, ‘Dear Rosemary’, ‘Walk’, ‘Rope’, ‘These Days’, ‘Arlandria’.

1. The Colour and the Shape (1997)


Wasn’t hard to figure out this was coming. Still the best Foos album, probably always will be. Argue what you will, but Dave Grohl will never write a song better than Everlong. The simultaneous struggle between two relationships, a fading love and an exciting new love. The rapid heartbeat of an emotionally engaging new love, cloaked in the spectre of a failed relationship right behind him. An unmistakable riff and a chorus as catchy as any other song, the buildup is happening the entire song, before it finally appears like the new love comes out on top. This is why Dave Grohl will never write a better song, and why there may never be a better Foo Fighters album. Because events like this may never happen in his life again, the inspiration just doesn’t apply anymore. Oh yeah, and there’s some other good songs on this album I guess.

Standout tracks: ‘Everlong’, ‘My Hero’, ‘New Way Home’, ‘Hey, Johnny Park!’, ‘Monkey Wrench’, ‘February Stars’.