‘SPIN’ Ranked Every Foo Fighters Song…I only did 10.

Foo Fighters officail


I’m going to start off by saying the guys who did this list clearly know the catalog better than I do. I’ll admit that I’m not really up to par on my B-sides, and I haven’t been listening to the eponymous album for that long. I pretty much went backwards with the Foos’ discography (Wasting Light was the first album I bought). But I am a proud owner of all eight studio albums, the Greatest Hits EP, and ‘Live at Wembley’. So I definitely know my stuff. I’m going to start from the top and list my grievances with the list that I feel I”m educated enough to have an issue with. Let us begin.

– At 135, ‘Back and Forth’ is the lowest ranked song from Wasting Light. While it may not have been the best track from the album, it certainly should be been ahead of ‘Miss the Misery’ and ‘A Matter of Time’.

-‘What Did I Do?/God As My Witness’ is 134, making it the lowest ranked track from Sonic Highways. In my humbly correct opinion, All the Highways tracks are at least 75 or higher.

– I probably wouldn’t have included covers in this list, and probably not collaborations, especially when it’s not even on their own album. Regardless, the ‘Fortunate Son’ (117) collaboration with John Fogerty from Wrote A Song For Everyone probably would’ve cracked my top 50.

– Besides ‘Times Like These’ and ‘All My Life’, One By One pretty much sucks. The band even said they hate it. besides those two tracks, some of the others came in at 113, 102, 91, 58, 42, and 8. EIGHT!

– ‘No Way Back’ is 97. That’s a top 30 AT LEAST track right there.

– ‘Summer’s End’ is one of the better album tracks in all three of the 2000’s albums. Came in at 93.

– ‘Bridge Burning’ (74) is also a top 30 track.

– ‘Something From Nothing’ is the best song from Sonic Highways. IT came in at 65, behind ‘The Feast and the Famine’ (52), ‘In The Clear’ (29, a close second though), and ‘Congregation’ (15).

– ‘Hey, Johnny Park!’ (50), ‘DOA’ (55), and ‘Breakout’ (53) are also top 30 tracks.

– ‘All My Life’ is 36. That’s a f***ing disgrace. Top 10 Foos track.

– ‘Times Like These’ is 23. That’s less of a f***ing disgrace, but still a f***ing disgrace. Top 15 track.

– ‘New Way Home’ is 21. That might be the biggest f***ing disgrace on this list. I believe this is one of the few songs that someone could make an argument for #1.

– ‘Walk’ should also be top 10. Best song from Wasting Light.

– ‘Learn to Fly’ is 10, right behind ‘Next Year’ Those should probably be flip-flopped, at least.

– ‘Low’ is 8. You’re telling me its the best song from One By One?!? It’s better than ‘All My Life’, ‘Walk’, ‘Times Like These’, ‘New Way Home’, Learn To Fly’, ‘DOA’, ‘No Way Back’, ‘Fortunate Son’, Long Road To Ruin’ (56), ‘Something From Nothing’, ‘The Pretender’ (12), and every other god damned song on this list? BLASPHEMY. Not even top 150 track.

– Top 5 isn’t bad at all. ‘Everlong’, ‘My Hero’, ‘Big Me’, ‘Aurora’, and ‘I’ll Stick Around’ are all phenomenal tracks. I don’t really thing ‘Aurora’ is the best track from There Is Nothing Left To Lose though.

– There are three soundtracks songs on the list : ‘Dear Lover’, ‘The One’, and ‘A320’. I’ve never heard them, so I listened to them before I passed judgment. All good tracks, but I wasn’t convinced ‘A320’ is #17 worthy. That’s ahead of ‘Walk’, ‘Times Like These’, ‘In The Clear’, and ‘All My Life’.

Now here’s my top 10 list:

1. Everlong

2. My Hero

3. Learn To Fly

4. New Way Home

5. All My Life

6. Monkey Wrench

7. I’ll Stick Around

8. The Pretender

9. Big Me

10. Walk