Stuff like this is why people should be out in the streets. Like when the nation went nuts after Osama was killed. This is a huge win for the USA. The passive-aggressive move of the century. Oh, you hacked Sony and we all found out David O. Russell is a pedophile? I can’t see the most anticipated comedy of the holiday season? Well then we’re going to go ahead and knock out your internet. I’m sure Obama is going to deny all involvement in this, I would too. Just when North Korea thought they were good at something, the USA comes in and proves we’re better. We’re still number one over here. I’m over here enjoying my independent news agencies, freedom of speech, and uncensored internet, and they’re over there not even being able to access their state-run news agency. Serves you right.

Side note: What can North Koreans even do with the internet? My understanding is that they don’t have the same freedoms we do. It’s definitely just pictures of Kim Jong-Un and Kim Jong-Il with like babies and stuff. Just propaganda up the wazoo. So I guess we’re liberating the citizens over there. Team America: World Police!!!!

Side note 2: North Korea is China’s bitch. They can just shut off their internet whenever the want to. Don’t wire your internet through another country. That’s just stupid.

Side note 3: I don’t actually believe the US gov’t had anything to do with this. But it’s still a win for us.