NFL Recap: Arian Foster was the Best Passer in this Game

Arian Foster

Final Score:

Texans – 25

Ravens – 12

Joe Flacco was 3-17 for 22 yards and two interceptions in the first half. I can’t believe people call this guy elite. The only thing “elite” about him is his unibrow.


Seriously, you don’t notice that thing? I look at myself in the mirror every time I walk by it, and I assume everyone else does too. Clean that thing up, Joe. He went on to finish the game 21/50 with 195 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions. Just atrocious. How does Gary Kubiak not pick apart the defense he built? Poor performance all around by the Ravens.

On the Texans side, Case Keenum was called in from the Winn Dixie check-out line to start at quarterback. The Texans lost all three of their quarterbacks this year to injury: Ryan Mallett, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Tom Savage. So Case Keenum, who started (and lost) eight games with the Texans last year was called in.

Case Keenum lit it up in his first few games last night. That was until he became the starter for my fantasy team, which occurred concurrently with opposing teams deciphering his shortcomings. Bill O’brien was unimpressed with the undersized quarterback who struggled to run his offense in the preseason, and Keenum was cut. Now, he’s returned to start a game for the Texans. The feel-good story of the year.

Keenum did exactly what he should have done last year when it become apparent he wasn’t going to blow defenses away – he managed the game and relied heavily on the defense. And this defense is a pretty good one to rely on, as they only let up 12 points, defended two 2-point conversion attempts, intercepted Joe Flacco three times, and held Justin Forsett to 19 yards on ten attempts.

He also relied on Arian Foster, who finished the game with a 100% completion rate and a perfect passer rating. His number was called with under two minutes left in the first half. Foster had a three-step drop, avoided the rush by rolling to his right, and threw a strike to C.J. Fierdorwicz for a 5-yard touchdown. Maybe he should play quarterback. Foster to Watt is something I could get used to.

The Ravens sit at 9-6. They’ll need to beat the Browns next week, have the Bengals lose to the Broncos tonight and to the Steelers next week to have a chance at the postseason. The Chargers could also present a problem, as they, along with the Bengals, Steelers, and Texans, have the tie-breaker over Baltimore. There are a few playoff scenarios for the Ravens, but the bottom line is that they need to win.

As for the Texans, this team is a quarterback away from an 11-win team. This defense arguably may be the best in the league. J.J. Watt gets my vote for league MVP. They’re 8-7 right now, and have a chance at the playoffs. They have to beat big bad Jaguars next week, but that shouldn’t be a problem. In addition, they need the Chargers and Ravens to lose, because in that situation they’d have the better conference record than both teams.

Personally, I’d love to see the Texans in the postseason.