‘Sausage Party’ Is Greatness Waiting To Happen


This is going to be the comedy of the decade. I’m just pissed I have to wait until 2016. The first rated R, completely animated movie. And it’s written by Seth Rogen, so you know it’s a home run waiting to happen. I’m envisioning hundreds of sausage jokes just being rammed down the throat of the audience, but don’t even pretend for a second that it’s not going to be hysterical.

The description on IMDb reads:

“An animated movie about one sausage’s quest to discover the truth about his existence.”

I doubt there any psychoactive drugs were involved in the making of this film. No way. This is a genuine topic that a normal human, in its natural state, came up with.

I’d also like to point out the ensemble cast: Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Kristen Wiig, Edward Norton, Michael Cera, Paul Rudd, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, Anders Holm, Bill Hader, and Nick Kroll (who plays the Villain, named Douche).

The only obstacle between me and this film is whether North Korea finds it offensive to their country and has Sony hacked by cyberwarriors. Hopefully that was a one-time type of deal.