Shocking News: Countries Can Blow Up Other Countries’ Satellites


Couldn’t this be said about any object or invention in history? Like in the early 2000s when Nintendo made a game console that had a dangerous, dual-use handle on the back of it. On one hand, it can be easily carried. On the other hand, rapists could use it to inflict blunt-force trauma on their victims from behind before raping them.

Obviously a country could send one of their satellites on a suicide mission into another satellite. But I guess the question would be why? It doesn’t seem like any country cares about another country’s satellite. I suppose in a time of war, shooting another country’s satellite out of space would be fair game. But then all the satellites would be gone. That’s just the result of a legitimate strategic move.

Don’t get me wrong, I love outer space. One of my favorite topics ever is outer space. It’s just so fascinating. I don’t want to litter it up with satellite debris and shit like that.

But the pressing question here is why did China blow up their own satellite? What were they hiding on there? There’s no way they just wanted to get rid of it because they didn’t need it anymore, there was something on there they didn’t want the world to see. Possibly aliens.