Slate Encourages Underage Drinking By Way Of Breast Feeding


It might be “fine”, but I’d think this would be one of those things that any caring mother wouldn’t do just in case. Call me a control freak, but I’d personally throw a fit if I saw my hypothetical wife drinking and breastfeeding. At what point would a woman even sit down with a glass of wine and be sipping it while breastfeeding anyway? Is that enjoyable? Is it some past time I don’t know about? Like, do all the girls get together for girls night and kill a few bottles of Pino Gritio and breast feed a little? Just seems rather absurd. An there’s no way this doesn’t get a baby drunk.

Side note: If this means that later in life the child will have a higher alcohol tolerance, then in that case all women should be doing it. I wish my mother would’ve done that.