We Lost Another Plane



As a member of the masses, I feel I speak for the masses when I say the media is desensitizing the masses to losing planes. It’s starting to become a normal occurrence in life.


This plane was supposed to arrive in Singapore three hours ago. The “crisis center”, not sure what that even means or whom it’s run by, said they lost contact with air traffic control over Indonesia. Obviously it’s unclear whether or not it went down over land or water. You’d think there’s so much scattered islands here that it shouldn’t matter, that someone should see it no matter what. I guess that’s not the case. This tells me it went down over water, because someone definitely would have seen it over land.

Time to say goodbye to another plane. There’s little doubt that this one went down. Singapore is right at the tip of that peninsula jutting down from the top left, so there’s not much open sea for this thing to drift around in and get lost like the last plane did. This one’s got to be found.

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