I Changed the Title of the Blog Again…

Originally it was called “Cleats and Beats”. That’s very self-explanatory.

Then I remembered I also like to talk about TV shows and movies. And make fun of the news sometimes. And feed my obsession with outer space. I happened to be right in the middle of the HBO series “Six Feet Under” (which is superb), so I very simply applied it to the scenario at hand.

But anyone who’s read this knows I don’t talk about those subjects as much as I talk about the NFL and rock music. It just made sense to change it again.

“Stitched Up!” isn’t something I just came up with. I’ve actually applied for a radio show at my college’s student-run station, and that’s what the name of it is going to be. I thought it would be good if everything synced up. For context, I was between that and “Stitches & Stones”.Obviously it’s a play on the phrase “sticks and stones”. The latter had better context, because the show is most likely going to be deep cuts (“stitches”) from the rock genre (“stones”), but the former rolls off the tongue better.

And anyone who knows me knows damn well that “Stitched Up” is a collaboration between my man John Mayer and legendary pianist Herbie Hancock. Carry on.