Belated Wild Card Weekend NFL Picks (On Time For Lions @ Cowboys)

I know, I know. We’re two and a half games into wild card weekend and I’m just getting my picks in. The Weezer thing took up a lot of time.

I actually did make picks, just not on here.

During my halftime report of the UMass women’s basketball game, I picked the Cardinals, Steelers, Colts, and Cowboys.

I know, all that build up and I’m 0-2.

Explanation: I thought Drew Stanton was playing. Had I known Ryan Lindley was getting the start, I would not have picked the Cardinals. I’m going to go ahead and count that as a win for me.

For the Steelers, I was just wrong. I underestimated postseason Flacco. I also overestimated the Steelers, who have finished 8-8 the past two seasons and had it not been for an offensive explosion at the mid-point of the season, they may very well have again. The last time they were in the playoffs, Tim Tebow beat them on the first play of overtime. Yes, that was three years ago. Damn time, you fast.

As for the Colts, they’re up 23-10 as I’m typing this. I just can’t bring myself to go with Andy Dalton, who I’m almost convinced the Katy Perry song “Hot ‘n’ Cold” was written about. Yes, it was released well before he was in the league, but I think that just illustrates how I feel about Katy Perry.

The Lions @ Cowboys matchup is easily the most difficult to pick. It’s easy to doubt Tony Romo, but don’t pretend Matthew Stafford doesn’t throw interceptions. Both teams have an elite wide receiver. The Cowboys have DeMarco Murray, whom I believe was decisive in their 5th ranked offense. Lions were ranked 22nd in team offense.

Obviously the Lions 3rd ranked defense is something that has to be factored in. And the Cowboys 15th ranked defense has the potential to let up a lot of points. But the Cowboys offense also scored 165 points in the final four games of the season en route to a 4-0 record in the month of December, a month in which more recent Cowboys teams have had trouble in. This included the 42-7 routing of the Colts, which held the title of best passing offense in the league. Dallas’ defense held Andrew Luck to 109 yards and picked him off twice before Matt Hasselbeck was sent in. Granted, T.Y. Hilton didn’t play in that game, and Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate will be a bit more difficult to cover than an ailing Reggie Wayne and Hakeem Nicks were in week 16.

While this has the potential to be a high-scoring affair (or a low-scoring affair, depending on which respective version of Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford show up), I’m giving the edge to the Cowboys.