Stuart Scott Won Life

Photo Credit: ESPN

This was some of the most heartbreaking news I’ve heard in a while. One of the things anyone could ever wake up to.

I haven’t kept it a secret that I’m not really an ESPN person. As someone who only watches football and hockey, I go to NFL Network for football and ESPN doesn’t do the hockey thing.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t know about this, and quite frankly it’s beside the point. I watch the ESPYs. I saw that ^.

As a Rich Eisen fan, obviously I came across Stuart Scott at some point. And I’m honestly shocked that there was ever a point in time in which being outgoing and charismatic on the screen wasn’t accepted. It seems like a staple of sports programming in this day and age, and I can’t remember a time without it. I obviously can’t because I was born after the shift, but you know what I mean.

As a sports journalism student, Stuart Scott is someone to be looked up to and to emulate. Although it’s quite clear from this blog that I’m torn between sports and music right now, when you’re a student it’s either the sports concentration or no concentration at all. You know what that means? News. And I would hate my life if I sat around writing news and reporting news. The charisma Stuart brings to the table still doesn’t really have much of a presence in the news world. I’m just way too prone to make jokes, why do you think every single post I do about news is just making fun of it? This is the type of person I’d want to be on the air.

And that right there is why I love Stuart Scott. He had fun with it, and his allure and joy extended to his audience. Gus Johnson wouldn’t blurt “From the parking lot!” as he does had it not been for Stuart Scott. Bruins fans, we all love Jack Edwards.

Anyone who read my top 10 list of saddest movies will know I’m a sucker for death. Especially when you think of the family and the people who care about the person, the emotional despair tends to torment. Watch the video below if you haven’t already. Not a dry eye in the country right now.

While the battle with cancer is over for Stuart, there’s no doubting that the war was his to take. He brought diversity to the sports desk, and changed the way analysts and journalists approach sports coverage forever. His influence will be there for as long as sports exist, which will hopefully be forever. And that’s what life is about: being remembered. By both the people you love, and by the people who love you. Stuart Scott won.