Stray Observations: “Six Feet Under” Season One



I probably should’ve done this sooner seeing as I finished the first season over a week ago and the thoughts I had then were still fresh. Regardless, I always have something to say.

– Who’s that girl behind Nate? Guess I spoiled myself.

– Bravo to the writers and directors who made a show about a funeral home so damn interesting. Sometimes, shows about humans and their lives can be just as, or even more, entertaining than shows with overarching plots (such as a zombie apocalypse, for example). <- It was just an example, I love that show.

– Plot is also hard to predict. Shows where you just know what’s going to happen aren’t fun. Unless they work the camera angles, music, and the characters to evoke some sort of emotion out of you.

– Speaking of which, I thought this show would be much more sad. Seeing as it’s about a funeral home, death is prevalent. Every episode starts with a unique death (which I like), but the only time I actually came close to crying was when the plot line of the baby who died of SIDS intertwined with the upcoming birth of Rico’s second child.

– So far, I love the performances of every actor. They all make each character unique in their own way. Specifically Michael C. Hall, who almost is playing too different characters – David when he’s around his family and church peers and David when he’s feeding his homosexual desires. I believe he wouldn’t have crushed the role of Dexter Morgan had he not played David Fisher.

– Gabriel is playing Claire like a game, and something bad (worse than his little brother accidentally shooting himself) is going to happen to him real soon.

– Billy is an absolute psychopath. I think somethings f***ed up is going to happen every time he enters the room.

– While I originally thought Brenda was a genius who controlled every situation she was in without anyone else knowing, she can’t even come close to controlling Billy. She’s got a firm grip on Nate’s thoughts, actions, and emotions; but Billy is a variable she can’t account for.

– Nate seems like he never has any clue what’s going on or what he’s doing, but he’s easily possesses the most wisdom out of any of the characters. These flashes usually show in real situations, such as several concerning Rico, as well as his dealings with customers, and his one-on-one conversations with David, Claire, Ruth, and Brenda. I also think this role set Peter Krause up for his role in Parenthood.

– It’s also funny how Nate and Brenda’s relationship originated from a quickie in an airport closet.

– Ruth is a ticking time bomb. She’s going to lay into one or all of these characters real soon.

– Keith is clearly the voice of reason for David. They’ll be back together at some point. That’s how TV shows work.

– The episode concerning the homophobic killing of that young man really exemplified some backward philosophies that I’m shocked people can actually hold.

– David’s speech at the convention is bad ass. He just sticks it to the big corporation in front of everyone. Also Nate giving Juliardi (that’s definitely wrong) the matches was hilarious.

– As Angela states to Ruth after she’s fired, it’s quite clear that all of the Fishers are miserable. Even before Nathaniel’s death. Ruth is clearly never happy, David is clearly ashamed that he’s gay, Nate still doesn’t even know what he’s doing with his life, and it looks like Claire is the only one of them that realizes it.