Packers @ Seahawks: Preview + Prediction


I think most people are expecting the winner of this game to win the Super Bowl. No matter what the outcome, I’m probably rooting the other way.

Past Matchups:

There’s been two matchups between these two teams in the Russell Wilson era in Seattle.

1. 2012 Regular Season

Who can forget this game.

And that just sums up a game that was filled with botched calls. (By the way, tie goes to the offense.)

The final score was 14-12, with the Seahawks on top. Aaron Rodgers completed two-thirds of his passes for 223 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions. Cedric Benson (that’s right, you read that name correctly) ran for the Pack’s sole touchdown. I remember that because being the guru I am, I started him on my fantasy team en route to a championship that season. Russell Wilson was 10-21 for 130 yards and two touchdowns. Would’ve been 106 and one TD without the “hail mary” (I don’t really think 24 yards qualifies). Marshawn Lynch ran for 98 yards on 25 carries, and Golden Tate had both touchdowns.

What Has Changed Since Then?

Seattle won the Super Bowl, and they’re definitely considered a power house now. The Packers have a much better running game in Eddie Lacy. Although Golden Tate is gone, Russell Wilson makes up for Seattle’s lack of receivers. And Marshawn Lynch is essentially the same player.

2. Week One, 2014 Regular Season

Neither passer sports prolific numbers in this game. Rodgers threw for 189 yards, adding a TD and an interception. Wilson threw for 191 yards and two touchdowns. Obviously Russell Wilson gets the edge, but more credit has to be given to Marshawn Lynch: 110 yards on 20 carries and two touchdowns.

What Has Changed Since Then?

Both teams proceeded to 3-3 (SEA) and 2-2 (GB), effectively scaring the life out of their respective fan bases. After Aaron Rodgers’ recently plagiarized spelling lesson, both teams proceeded to finish the season 12-4.

Actually LeBron, he spelled out the word.

Both teams have clearly recovered from whatever issues they faced at the beginning of the season.

Respective Rankings:


Team Offense: 1st

Passing Offense: 8th

Rushing Offense: 11th

Scoring Offense: 1st (30.4 points/game)

Team Defense: 14th

Passing Defense: 10th

Rushing Defense: 23rd


Team Offense: 10th

Passing Offense: 27th

Rushing Offense: 1st (20 TDs – most in NFL)

Scoring Offense: 10th

Team Defense: 1st

Passing Defense: 1st

Rushing Defense: 3rd


As much as I like Aaron Rodgers, I have to pick the Seahawks. There’s too many attractive numbers. Had it been them and not the Cowboys at Lambeau last week, the Packers’ season would already be over. It’s clear that Aaron Rodgers isn’t 100%, he was barely able to move around the pocket last week. Often unable to step up in the pocket, balls were sailing on him.

That’s not to say this is going to be an easy win for the Seahawks. Had Cam Newton not been as volatile with his decision-making, the Panthers had a legitimate chance of winning that game. And an unhealthy Aaron Rodgers is still one of the best players in the league. The Seahawks are, offensively at least, the exact opposite of the Patriots. They go run-heavy every game, because that’s their game. Stout defense and jam the ball down your throat on offense. They pick and choose when to unleash their passing game, as their game planning calls for it. And a team like that is awfully difficult to scheme against.

Side Note: I also wouldn’t feel bad beating the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, because I don’t like them. I don’t hate them, I just don’t care for them. On the other hand, I like Aaron Rodgers. One game away from fantasy football glory in 2010. Guess he kept the glory for himself that year. Or got a concussion when I needed him most and was forced to start Sam Bradford. One of those two.

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