NFC Recap: Green Bay Packers Defeat Green Bay Packers


Spoiler alert:


The Seahawks should not have won this game. They had no business doing so. They played like crap all game. Russell Wilson not only played awful in this game, but he also played awful against the Panthers last week. Had Cam Newton not thrown that bonehead interception, they’d be watching from home right now. The Packers dominated the Seahawks this whole game. Russell Wilson doesn’t throw four interceptions and best the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Patriots are just way too good of a team for that, they’re the best team in the league, and they capitalize on turnovers. But this post is about the Packers-Seahawks game, so I digress.

Crippled Aaron Rodgers kept the Seahawks in this game. Seattle only played about three minutes of good football, and even that was pretty bad.

In this one play, Russell Wilson broke every rule that governs playing the quarterback position. Held the ball to long, stared down a receiver, threw the ball late, over the middle, and across his body. But it didn’t matter, because Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (I still can’t believe that’s a real name decided to let the ball float into the receiver’s arms.

Final Score: 

Green Bay Packers: 28

Green Bay Packers: 22