AFC Recap: Patriots Mount The Colts


Maybe Andrew Luck will have a statement game at some point, but yesterday was not the day. Bill has had this kid figured out from day one, as made evident by his 0-4 record against the Patriots that now includes double-digit interceptions in addition to 22+ score differential in all four games. And that notion also fails to account for the fact that Andrew Luck will never be in a position in which he’ll have an opportunity to tackle LeGarrette Blount, but I don’t imagine him doing much better than his teammates.

This is Tom Brady’s first year on social media, and he’s already the best at that too. Only fitting that the best quarterback in NFL history has the best social media.

BradyColt BradyYoung BradyKids BradyGisselle BradyGillette

Besides the post-game wife pic, these pictures were just screaming,”We’re going to beat your ass” all week.

The only drive that the Colts scored was complete luck, no pun intended. Three penalties on third down takes no skill. Like I said in my prediction, for Andrew Luck to have won this game, he would’ve had to play flawlessly and then some. Combine that with mistakes by the Patriots offense, maybe the Colts had a chance. But when your team is only your quarterback, you aren’t going to win the Super Bowl, as the Patriots have figured out the last ten years. Now that the New England defense is actually as good as the offense, the writing’s on the wall for a championship.

I’m also excited to see what trick play Josh McDaniels and his super offense have planned for the Big Dance. Last week t was the double pass, and this week it was… oh god!

I’d also like to point out that Brady doesn’t have to do anything to beat the Colts. Just hand it off.

But regardless… we’re on to Seattle!!!