DeflateGate Saga Continues: If It Wasn’t The Patriots, No One Cares

In the time I was in class this morning and the time it took for me to write the painstaking Fall Out Boy review, there were many more revelations in the whole deflategate story.

Alright people, I think when a player on the opposing team says this, it’s time to cut the bulls**t. THE BALLS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH A 45-7 SCORE.

Put an asterisk next to that Super Bowl victory for the Buccaneers. Strip them of their rings. Fine Jon Gruden. Crown the Raiders. You know what the shocking similarity is here? The Buccaneers absolutely trashed the Raiders in this Super Bowl. The score was 48-21. Rich Gannon threw five interceptions, three of which were returned for touchdowns.

And that’s without even mentioning that Brad Johnson BRIBED PEOPLE TO SCUFF UP 100 FOOTBALLS BEFORE THE SUPER BOWL. I don’t even care, but that’s so much worse. It’s not like Tom Brady was in on this.

And finally, on to the findings.

So you’re seriously telling me that Walt Anderson checked these balls and that they weren’t properly inflated? That they weren’t then directly put where they’d be guarded by league officials, not Patriots officials. And who was touching the pigskins after every single play? They really didn’t notice? And how likely is it that these balls would deflate from being in the cold? I’ve left enough footballs outside in the cold to know how that works. Are we going to fine the fathers of modern physics? Suspend Belichick? Go right ahead. Because the truth is, the Patriots could sweep the Colts 100/100 times, even if Brady wasn’t playing and Belichick was suspended.


Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 1.06.43 PM

YES ELI! Did someone say “elite”?

Add another Super Bowl MVP (2) to the list.