AlarmGate: Covert NFL Agents Set Off Second Fire Alarm At Patriots’ Hotel


Once is an accident, twice is a conspiracy.

There’s a 0% chance the NFL has nothing to do with this. Like I predicted in the first post (before this was dubbed “AlarmGate”), Roger Goodell, if not doing the deed himself, has got his men down in Arizona lurking in the shadows. He’s pissed that The Brady Bunch has been exerting their neurological dominance over him for the entire postseason. No one beats Roger. Roger always wins. If Roger doesn’t win, then no one wins.

On a side note, absolute savage move by Brady just sleeping through this second alarm. He probably heard it go off, but just decided it was a false alarm anyway and to not bother getting out of bed. Maybe Roger is just setting up the play action before he just lights the building on fire.