Muse Announce New Album ‘Drones’


The kings of space rock shall return to Earth this year with their next album, which is titled Drones.

They’ve been teasing the masses on Instagram for the past week, including this strange clip with what sounds like a drill sergeant screaming.

Next came these two odd pictures, which I’m 99% sure are just old magazine covers the band was on with their eyes blacked and the rest of it turned into a top-secret CIA document.

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No matter how weird, I can still say I’m on board for whatever these guys are going to release. The 2nd Law was an amazing album, and I believe Black Holes & Revelations is perfect.

But more importantly, this will hopefully mean a tour soon. Without even seeing them, you know Muse is nasty live. Watch Live From Rome Olympic Stadium and try to convince me otherwise.

Shit that’s the audio. Individual tracks can be found in video form on YouTube.