Super Bowl Recap: Pete Carroll Defeats Seattle Seahawks (Podcast)


Top 5 plays in Super Bowl history.

Thanks to Victor Pusateri and Bryan Bowman for doing this podcast alongside me. We pretty much sum it up in this podcast. Topics include a Super Bowl recap, discussion of particular plays, MVP and crucial players, Boston sports, Patriots’ legacy, Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, and even Wes Welker.

Here are some key plays:

One thing we didn’t discuss too in-depth was the Patriots victory parade, which was happening while this was being recorded. All we said was what was popping up as we were recording. Bottom line is that the Patriots were rubbing it in everyone else’s faces, which I loved. Most of these guys haven’t won a Super Bowl before. Brady and Wilfork are the only players left from 2001.

People like Gronk and Julian Edelman were having themselves a time.


People were throwing alcohol to Gronk and he was drinking whatever came his way.

Edelman was the king of the world too.

He was also a victim of snapchat the night before. This girl is now banned from all Boston bars.

edelmansnapchat gronkbus


That’s how you party like a Patriot.