Turns Out Kanye Wasn’t Kidding, But Beck Earned This Award


It was too good to be true. Of course Kanye wasn’t joking. He thinks too highly of his own opinions for that to be the case.

I’ve heard many people flaunting the same argument as Kanye today. “It’s Beyoncé so she should’ve won.” Really though? Because if you actually listened to Morning Phase, you’d know that it’s the only complete album of all the nominees. Another argument was “name a song off that album.” Well I know I can name all of them, but someone else may not be able to. Just because it didn’t have one hit single off of it, as the others did, doesn’t automatically make the album shit.


Beck spends nine years writing an album that he wrote and composed on his own, and Beyoncé’s got 25 people working on hers, and you’re telling me she deserves to win? No, she doesn’t.

“If they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. Flawless Beyoncé video, and Beck needs to respect artistry, and he should have given his award to Beyoncé.”

I’m personally on the side of instruments and writing your own music having more to do with artistry than Autotune and “professional” songwriters, as well as not writing/composing your own music. Kanye West and I actually have similar feelings about the Grammys. The difference is that I don’t like the Grammys because they don’t respect the music I like, and he doesn’t like the Grammys because they don’t respect the “music” he likes. Except my thoughts aren’t an illusion.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 7.16.09 PM

It’s no secret that, especially in recent years, the Grammys have favored pop music more than anything. While bands like fun. have seen success in recent years, they’re clearly more pop than they are rock. And true rock music hasn’t been favored over hip hop or rap for sure. While Morning Phase isn’t exactly “rock” in the way it’s traditionally thought of, the folk rock sounds still falls under the umbrella. And this win is a big one moving forward for the Grammys.

Side Note:

You’re full of shit if you’ve say you’ve never heard of Beck. Or maybe I just like weird music. I’m a loser baby, so why don’t kill me.