Tom DeLonge Claims To Have Made Contact With Aliens

Hope it’s not the creatures from above.

Tom has had a lot of free time on his hands ever since being booted from Blink-182 a couple of weeks ago. Not that he was really spending much time on them anyway, but that fact skews the joke. Fans of the man have known for years that he’s a huge conspiracy theorist, mostly interested in Aliens. He and Angels & Airwaves band mate Ilan Rubin camped out at Area 51 over the summer, and he also saw a UFO in August.

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This guy is going to go to the ends of earth to prove that aliens exist. Pun intended.

IF you take the time to read this, the stuff he’s describing literally sounds like they were on LSD. Reminds me of the desert scene from Beavis and Butthead Do America.

But in addition to just aliens he’s also saying that the government tapped his phone and that he’s not safe right now. Could Tom DeLonge be the next Scott Stapp? He’s probably not going crazy, and to be honest I find most of this shit really interesting, as anyone who gets sexually aroused by outer space would. Not that I’m an astrophiliac or anything.