Harlan, KY Issues Warrant For Elsa’s (“Frozen”) Arrest

I wonder how parents are going to talk to their children about this one. A character that has inspired little girls everywhere to be themselves and to sleep with a guy they just met is now wanted for controlling the weather. Our generation knows this as “The Ultimate Christmas Present”, or that Disney movie from 2000 when a girl stole a weather machine from Santa Claus and the world went to shit.


As far as this Elsa thing goes, all young girls are going to split into one of two categories. One will be a the depressed neurotics who had their childhood shattered by a traumatic experience and never recovered. The other will be a bunch of bad ass bandits who are out to wreak havoc on the nation, kind of like their hero and inspiration Elsa did.

This is the equivalent of when Steve from Blue’s Clues became a sex offender. Exact same situation.

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