Look I’m certainly not going to be Stitched Up’s music guy. This is my first blog post and I can all but guarantee its going to be my last about music. I’ve grown to appreciate a wider variety of music over the past year or so, but I’m by no means an expert. I’m not going to go off into this subject like self-proclaimed music expert John Andersen, who if he hasn’t informed you, is the premier authority on music on the eastern seaboard.
But I’m also standing by what I said about Alt-J’s “An Awesome Wave.” I love the Black Keys and El Camino. I love Brothers. I love the Arctic Monkeys and what they’ve brought to the genre over the past decade. But, to me, every one of the albums Anderson declared as better than An Awesome Wave is a somewhat flawed album. After going through the entire album however many times, I wouldn’t regularly listen to several individual tracks again unless I decided to replay the whole album. For the best ones, maybe 80% of them are tracks I’d regularly bump in the car, but never 100%.

That’s not true with this album by Alt-J for me. Every single song and even every interlude is captivating. If I’m going to make a playlist with one song from An Awesome Wave I’m probably going to include every song.

Andersen can claim that there’s other album’s that are “perfect.” That there’s several album’s that have no blemishes or bad songs. But there’s a difference between having no bad songs and having every song be great, and for me, there’s no album in Allt-J’s genre that compares to An Awesome Wave’s completeness.
Nor is there an alternative rock album of the past decade that matches An Awesome Wave’s uniqueness. Bursting onto the rock scene with their first ever album, Alt-J made an incredibly different, revolutionary, profound album that was like nothing ever made before in An Awesome Wave.

P.S- This is not the first album I’ve ever listened to in its entirety as John claimed. Green Day Dookie, and American Idiot, I did especially when I was younger. Every Dispatch Album. Good Kid M.A.A.D City, Section 8.0, 2014 Forrest Hills Drive for rap to name a few.
P.S.S- The whole “album fever” claim by Anderson is fair, but again, I stand by what I said and music expert extraordinaire John Andersen isn’t going to bully me into retracting it with his mumbo jumbo.

Editor’s Note:
First off my last name is Andersen, and this is exactly why Bryan was hired for sports and not music. We’re going to start calling him off-beat Bowman around here. Also, there is a spell check button on here. And Finally, there’s a 0% chance he listened to all the albums I listed enough to form an educated opinion.