Album Review: MisterWives, “Our Own House”

This band is about to set every applicable chart into a blazing inferno.

I’m going to keep this one brief mostly because I have a lot to do right now. I just couldn’t let this one go unmentioned.


I went to a Mowgli’s concert last April and this band just happened to be the opening act. No one knew who they were, but they absolutely took that show over. I saw people leaving after their set saying, “How can any band follow that up?” They were truly phenomenal.


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Front woman Mandy Lee’s (above) voice is that similar to an angel that once sang to me in a dream. She sounds like a cross between Taylor Swift and the girl from Of Monsters & Men with the complicated, Icelandic name. Her vocal range is immense, and she can show any kind of emotion in her voice. She also brought the charisma that we as listeners expect from a successful female vocalist these days.

What makes this music unique is that while it has the bombastic overtone you’d expect from a rock band playing at a stadium, they also infuse ska, funk, and r&b into their sound (this means HORNS!). As you would expect, this creates a highly infectious sound that will make anyone listening want to dance their pants off. While some tracks are underwhelming and drag out (‘Oceans’, ‘Coffins’), the good greatly outweigh the bad. It’s no secret that there’s a lot going on in these songs, but complexity is good when it works. And MisterWives not only make it work, they burn it down.


Outstanding Tracks:

‘Our Own House’, ‘Not Your Way’, ‘Reflections’, ‘Hurricane’, ‘Imagination Infatuation’, ‘Queens’

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