Eagles and Bills Swap LeSean McCoy, Kiko Alonso

I know this is old news, but like I said we had housekeeping business to take care of around here.

I guess only time will tell who’s the winner of this trade, but my initial reaction is leaning towards the “what the what the hell are you thinking” camp. Directed towards Chip Kelly, of course. Maybe McCoy scoring only 5 touchdowns was enough of an excuse for Chip Kelly to outcast him for one of his Oregon guys. But you can’t expect Shady to score 20 touchdowns a year. That’s just unrealistic.

Alonso did have a phenomenal rookie season, but he also missed all of last year with an ACL injury. Yes, he fills Trent Cole’s role well, but what about the running back position? I’m sure that will be solved in the draft, or they snag former Bill C.J. Spiller in free agency. But this really highlights the assumption held by many: Chip Kelly is bringing Oregon to the NFL. He’s already relying on former players, and there’s been rumors that he wants to make a trade up to draft Marcus Mariota, as if Nick Foles isn’t a franchise quarterback. Again, I initially say the Bills win this trade, but maybe Chip will prove me wrong.

Side Note:

Bills are killing it this offseason. First McCoy, and now they’ve traded for Matt Cassel, who is a great veteran to have as a starter, or a mentor, assuming they look for a young QB in the draft (E.J. Manuel is done).