Goodbye Darrelle Revis, Thanks For The Ring

I can feel the hailstorm of cheap skate accusations already.

The bottom line is that Lord Belichick knew that this was a one year rental. If the Patriots were to guarantee $39 million to Revis, that’s 17% of their total cap space right there. Is 17% of your cap space really worth it on one player, a player who’s 30 years old, is probably signing the last contract of his career, and isn’t a quarterback? In my opinion, no. Let the Jets waste all their money on one guy when they don’t even have a quarterback to throw Revis interceptions at practice, let alone hit Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall in the hands. The Jets are just a directionless organization that want to please their frustrated fan base by bringing Revis Island apparel back to the gift shop. And if that means two free wins for the Patriots, then you can take Brandon Browner too (although I’m kind of hoping they hold on to him). Good luck New York.