Oh I’m Sorry, What Has Chip Kelly Accomplished in The NFL?

Why are people praising this man? Some even calling him “the mad scientist”?

This guy has accomplished nothing in this league. We’ll have to wait five years to know for sure, but trading Nick Foles is a freaking bonehead move (oh yeah, and LeSean McCoy too). How can you trade a guy that throws 28 touchdowns and only two interceptions in his rookie season? He leads the Eagles to a 9-2 record in his second season, gets injured, and Mark Sanchez blows their season. Just when you though Mark Sanchez was done blowing seasons, he proves everyone wrong. But he, Sanchez, gets to stay. Not Foles. Apparently he’s not good enough. And it’s not like Sam Bradford is a bad quarterback. It’s just that his ACLs are made of glass. But I’m sure he’ll be traded as well.

As of now, the Eagles have NOTHING on offense. Speaking of glass, Ryan Mathews is going to crack something at some point this season. That’s how Ryan Mathews rolls. Jeremy Maclin is gone too. So besides a promising sophomore wide receiver in Jordan Matthews, the Eagles have nothing on offense. If they’re smart, they name Sam Bradford the starter and roll with him. Mariota isn’t going to happen. DeMarco Murray isn’t going to happen.

So back to the main point, Chip Kelly better have some sort of five-year plan like Soviet Russia or else he’ll forever be known as the man who traded away all the talent on one roster whilst trying to bring a college offense to the professional level (as well as his entire college team) and doomed a franchise for years to come. That situation, in my humbly correct opinion, is far more likely than this team going on to win a Super Bowl, even in a few years. When Chip Kelly proves me wrong, I’ll admit it. But for now, let’s see if the guy can put something on his blank resume before we crown him.