Brandon Montour Is About To Sign With The Anaheim Ducks

Wait, didn’t I say the other day when Vatrano was snagged that this was inevitable? I’m not saying I’m some sort of prophet, I’m pretty sure everyone was saying this. It’s just that I don’t think anyone thought it would happen so soon. Even I thought we’d get another full season of out of the two best players on the team. But I was naive. I was a stupid kid three days ago. The big corporations were pulling strings behind my back and I didn’t even know. I was just a pawn in their game.

“Next year” fever ran away as quick as it showed up at my door step. Unless John Micheletto pulls off some quick recruiting, this is going to be another disappointing season for UMass.

But as I said to Vatrano the other day, congratulations Brandon. Kids going to be on the ice in Anaheim before we even know it.