blink-182 Play First Show With Matt Skiba

Blink-182 play first concert without Tom DeLonge — watch

I intentionally titled this post “with Matt Skiba” instead of “without Tom DeLonge”, as many outlets have been including in their articles, because Skiba kind of kills it. It’s nice to hear someone who can efficiently play guitar AND sing at the same time. It’s also nice to see some uncommon tracks on this setlist (‘Dysentery Gary’, ‘Wendy Clear’). Let’s face it: blink live is probably going to be better with Matt Skiba.

Oh yeah, and this was the first time ‘Wendy Clear’ has been played live in 11 years.

I suppose they’ll never play ‘Mutt’ without Tom…

Also, it has been noted that Tom DeLonge is going to release… four albums this year? I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to work out, but I’ll stay objective until I get a listen to them.