Tom Delonge Just Released What May Be The Worst Song Ever

I never thought I would listen to a song, especially one written by the same man who wrote:

“All The Small Things”


“Reckless Abandon”

“Give Me One Good Reason”

“Ghost On The Dance Floor”

“The Adventure”

“Secret Crowds”

and not even halfway through it, deem it THE WORST SONG EVER MADE.

Tom, you are NOT a solo artist. You are now 0/2 on these alleged blink demos. “New World” didn’t sound like blink or AVA. And this one doesn’t sound like anything that could come from an articulate human being. Your voice is just not good enough to pull off an acoustic-driven ballad like this. Maybe it works for punk rock because people, such as myself, can become accustomed to your style and learn to like the voice. But it doesn’t fit here. Slamming on the same four chords over and over again doesn’t constitute anything special either.

Like I said before, I only declared this the worst song ever halfway through the song. Halfway. For anyone who listened to the track in its entirety (R.I.P.), you may have been just as appalled by one artistic decision as I was:

OH MY GOD? What kind of emotion is, “Oh, la da da, da da da, la da dee, la da da” expected to evoke from me?!

And in a final thought, Tom seriously reminds of a little kid whose parents bought him a camera for Christmas and he’s just getting into that sort of stuff. Aside from the parents and the Christmas part, that’s essentially what’s going on here.

0/2 Tom. That doesn’t make me any more optimistic about your four albums and book soundtracks (whatever that means) coming out this year.

Stick to this. If this guy went into the studio to record a blink album and suggested “New World” or this piece of bullshit, he’d never be allowed anywhere near a recording studio ever again.