Guardian UK: An Oasis Reunion Is On The Way

With an essential “definitely, maybe” pun, The Guardian reported this morning that an Oasis reunion is on the way. The implications of this are big, seeing as Blur are releasing their first album in 12 years on April 27th.

The gates have opened. World Britpop War II starts now.

But do be honest, I’m still pretty skeptical that an Oasis reunion will happen. There’s always rumors. The report that Liam and Noel buried the hatchet came out a couple of months back. Why did this story take so long? Guardian is a very credible source too, so it’s not like I don’t believe them.

All I can say is that this is completely dependent on Noel’s desire to do Oasis again. Because everyone knows that his solo career has been a monumental success. Number one albums and singles, arena tours, outrageous fun.

And after the Oasis split, Liam and a few of the other went and started this band called Beady Eye. I think they had a song in NHL 12. Peak success right there. Beady Eye sucks. Absolute dog shit.

That’s why this decision comes down to Noel. Noel doesn’t need Oasis. Maybe he wants Oasis, maybe he just wants to play the songs he wrote throughout his life that made him famous. Liam needs money to pay his child support bills. Two different ends of the spectrum.

But would I be excited for an Oasis reunion? Of course I would be. They’re one of my favorite bands. Would I see a show? Hell yes. I’d honestly be disappointed if it was just a (Whats The Story) Morning Glory anniversary tour, because Definitely Maybe is perfection and I’d give a my first-born child to hear that album played live. But I’d still love to scream “Don’t Look Back In Anger” and I love “Roll With It” and “She’s Electric” as well.

In a necessary Eagles reference every time a band gets back together, hell has frozen over.