The Official Summer 2K15 100 Song BfitzP-laylist (Includes Spotify Link!)

See what I did there in the title? Eh?!

The gang here at Stitched Up is finishing up their first year here at UMass Amherst, as I know many of you numb nuts are as well, and while I might’ve bombed my Calc test earlier today I do know that that only means one thing: summer is upon us.

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Accurate depiction of my math abilities

For me, summertime is only a mere Anthro paper (which I’m procrastinating hardcore on with this very blog; I do it for the love of the game, you’re welcome) and test away. The days of sitting with friends, getting sunburned, going to Sox games, and all that jazz are so close I can almost smell it. I’m so excited that I could ink!

Every summer, you find that one song, or maybe for some instances it’s multiple songs, and play it nonstop. Driving to the beach, around a fire, whatever the setting, you play those tunes 24/7 100-ish. They’re the songs that remind you of those beautiful days years down the road. For 2007, it was “Beautiful Girls” by the possibly alive, possibly dead Sean Kingston. If he’s the latter, at least we have this 5th grade gem to remember him by (but honestly, can I get a check in on Seanny? I hope he wasn’t SOO-E-SY-DAL, SOO-E-SY-DAL!).

Who could forget the summer of 2010, when Taio Cruz, who is also joining Sean in the “Is He Still Alive?” Club, dropped “Dynamite” and etched his name in every single family function and middle school dance playlist for all eternity?

And then there was last last year with “Fancy” by Iggy Iggs, which frankly doesn’t even deserve to be linked.

So that brings us to 2K15 and my personally hand crafted set of songs for this summer. It’s sure to ruin your day due to the fact that you’ll have to call the fire department since everything around you will spontaneously combust into 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. It’s a mix of everything I like and nothing I don’t like. There’s some country, rap, polka alt, spoken work poetry, rock, oldies, new jamz, hard hitters, serenades, the works. So let’s get into it!

Here’s the playlist. Might be out of order a bit, but if all the songs are great then who cares? Feel free to listen and scroll

Walk the Moon, “Shut Up and Dance” and “Anna Sun”

The first is the song that could end up being *THE* big song of the summer, much like the ones I mentioned earlier. It’s got everything needed to fit the bill: it’s catchy as fuck, it’s singable, and it’s just an overall tremendous song. This was a no-brainer from a great band, one that also pumped out “Anna Sun.” In my mind, “Anna Sun” is just as good of a chillin’ song as “Shut Up and Dance,” maybe even better. Two solid tunes to start us off.

Keith Urban ft. Miranda Lambert, “We Were Us”

KEEEEEEITH! After two straight years of going to his concert, I’m so sad he’s not coming back to the Xfinity Center this summer. But whatever, we’ve still got this great song to get us through the cruel Urban-less months. He honestly has about 2 gazillion songs that could be on here, but I decided to just put this one for now. I’m iffy on Miranda, “Little Red Wagon” isn’t that good, but I like her here.

Dr. Dre ft. Various: “The Next Episode,” “Forgot About Dre,” and “Still D.R.E.”

Because why not? RIP Nate Dogg.

Wild Cub, “Thunder Clatter”

Stop what you’re doing. Now. Listen to this song. I’ll give you a second. No, I’m serious, do it. This article won’t grow feet and walk away, it’ll be right here. Go, I’ll meet you back.

You back? Cool. Now knowing that you probably didn’t listen to it because you’re a ballsy bastard, you should take my word for it when I say that this is such a great song. Very indie and hipster-ish, but nevertheless a catchy song. If you actually did listen, then you can’t deny that you feel happy listening to this; it’s impossible not it. For that, a clear choice to make the playlist.

The 1975, “Chocolate” and “Girls”

Does it matter if I can’t understand what they’re saying half the time because of their thick Manchester accents? Not when the music’s liquid gold.

The Notorious B.I.G., “Big Poppa,” “Juicy,” “Hypnotize,” and “Mo Money Mo Problems”

Again, because why not? Absolute essentials.

Gin Blossoms, “Hey Jealousy”

Very, very, VERY underrated song; one of the best of the 90’s. Singable, catchy, overall great vibes from this song. I highly recommend that this is played more by y’all, take notes.

Nas, “The World is Yours”

More rap here, but it’s not all hip-hop, I promise. The world really is yours in the summer, and this is Nasty Nas at his best, so I had to include it.

Sam Hunt, “House Party”

I’m not a real big Sam Hunt guy because I think he’s a bit of a fraud, but this is a catchy song that anyone can vibe with. Big-time chorus built for the summer.

Smallpools, “Dreaming,” “Mason Jar,” and “Killer Whales”

I honestly should just put Smallpools’ entire catalogue up here. They’re obviously not a big band, but if they ever catch the mainstream (kinda don’t want them too because then the secret would be out and everyone would kill their songs by overplaying them) then people will see what I mean when I say that they’re a summer playlist’s dream.

Jake Owen, “Beachin'”

Reason in title of song.

R Kelly, “Ignition (Remix)”

Reason in title of artist.

Justin Timberlake, “Summer Love”

Reason in title of song and artist. God, why can’t I be Justin Timberlake?

Brad Paisley, “River Bank,” “Beat This Summer,” “American Saturday Night,” and “Southern Comfort Zone”

I think this is a problem we’re gonna run into a few times: artists having too many good summer songs. Brad’s got so many songs to bump in the summer, but unfortunately I’ve gotta make some cuts. Still, he’s a summer powerhouse.

Coldplay, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”

Couldn’t be a Fitz playlist without Coldplay! This has been a song I abuse in the summer ever since it dropped in July of 2011. Such a great song from out Lord and Savior Chris Martin and his apostles.

Kanye West, “Gorgeous,” “FourFiveSeconds” (ft. Rihanna and Paul McCartney), and “Gold Digger”

Gotta get the Kanye per hour ratio up a bit. “Gorgeous” is his most underrated song ever IMO, and it’s great to vibe too despite it’s not-so-vibby lyrics. And then if I have to explain to you why “Gold Digger” and “FourFiveSeconds” are on there well then you can giiiiiiiit out.

The Mowgli’s, “San Francisco”

Much like Smallpools, and Mowgli’s song can be bumped in the summer with a similar result, but this right here is their magnum opus. Such a feel good, happy, awesome song that could cheer me up if I was lethally attacked by a pack of piranhas.

Kendrick Lamar, “King Kunta,” “i,” “Swimming Pools (Drank),” “Rigamortus,” “Wesley’s Theory,” and “Alright”

All hail King Kendrick. He could have much more here but I had to implement a slaughter rule.

Eric Church, “Cold One,” “Drink In My Hand,” “Smoke a Little Smoke,” “Springsteen,” “Over When It’s Over,” “Give Me Back My Hometown,” and “Talladega”

Same goes for the Chief. You could play Eric till the cow comes home during the summer.

Kenny Chesney, too many to list

Here’s the thing with Kenny: if summer didn’t exist, neither would he. He puts food on the table by just pumpin’ out songs for summer. And you know what? He does it brilliantly. So good for you Kenny, go grab a drink for youself on a beach. You’ve figured out a way to make money in a way that benefits us all. Some of it’s more chill, some of it is more lively, but all of it is perfect for the warm weather

Len, “Steal My Sunshine”


Maroon 5, “Makes Me Wonder”

A throwback to when Maroon 5 didn’t sell out! Another 2007 gem, it always does the job. Also, it’s one of those songs that you can go 71 years without listening to and then proceed to recite every single lyric once it spontaneously comes on.

M83, “Midnight City”

Go on. Try not to dance. I dare ya.

Vance Joy, “Riptide” and “Mess is Mine”

Songs that came out last year, these two tunes are as if Kenny Chesney and Jack Johnson had a lovechild and this is the outcome. Nothing’s wrong with that by the way, those results are actually two phenomenal songs, but I’m just sayin’.

Outkast, “Hey Ya!”

Shouldn’t have to explain this one.

B.o.B., “So Good”

Tyler, the Creator would disagree with my B.o.B. Including, but this was my 2012 jam and it’d be criminal of me not to put it here. Sorry not sorry.

Foster the People, “Pumped Up Kicks,” “Houdini,” “Call It What You Want,” “Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls),” and “Best Friend”

Only one tune from the underwhelming sophomore effort from one my favorite bands out there right now, Supermodel, but their first album could be put in this playlist as a whole without a hitch. It was tough to narrow the field from Torches since it was so good, but these three are the clear three best so that’s where I drew the line.

Oasis, “Wonderwall” and “Champaign Supernova”

Ahhhhh you thought you’d read a Stitched Up music article without an Oasis reference didn’t you?! Well, you thought WRONG! Two sing alongs that work perfectly around a late night fire.

Los Campesinos!, “You! Me! Dancing!”

With probably a top 10 intro to a song ever, this song is almost ideal for the summer. You’ve probably heard this on Budweiser’s commercials, depicting fun times in the summer (not the booze part though, kids, drugs are bad and not fun). It’s a perfect song to get pumped up to, so hats off to Bud on that.

Imagine Dragons, “On Top Of The World,” “Amsterdam,” “Underdog,” “Nothing Left To Say/Rocks,” “I Bet My Life,” “Shots,” “Cha-Cing (Till We Grow Older),” and “Summer”

Again, tough to draw the line somewhere; don’t take these as the only good Dragons songs for the summer. However, notably, the “Rocks” element of that fourth song is enough to clinch a spot on here. It’s a good problem to have as a band if I can’t decide which of your songs should be included in a playlist.

ELO, “Mr. Blue Sky”

It’s the song that included in about half of every single movie ever, and now it’s on here. Not hard to understand why: it’s such a pick-me-up and awesome song for the season.

Duck Sauce, “Barbara Streisand” and “It’s You”

Duck Sauce blurs the line of goofiness and quality, and that’s just what a summer playlist needs. OOOOWOOOOHOOOOOOOHHHHHHHOHOHOHHHHHHOOOOHOHHHOOOOOOOOHOOOOHHHH BARBARA STREISAND.

The Killers, “Mr. Brightside,” “When You Were Young,” and “Spaceman”

I’m so mad I missed The Killers when they came to Boston in 2012…still so salty…but these are three heavyweight crowd pleasers, especially the first two, specifically “Mr. Brightside.” It always gets a group going and singing, so it’s a lock for the list.

Aer, “Floats My Boat” and “Says She Loves Me”

PERFECT beach music. Just sit back, relax, and beach it my friends.

and finally…

Toby Keith, “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue,” “Beer For My Horses,” and “Made in America”

Again, all of Toby’s songs work. I have the physical copy of his 2nd Greatest Hits and I play it in the summer all of the time. But I used these songs for the playlist because ‘merica.

So unless Spotify is lying to me, that’s 100! What did I hit on the head? Did I miss anything? How much does this playlist kick/suck ass? Whatever your answers are, there might be a second parter coming in the future, so stay bumpin’.

Now, let the summer commence.

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