Everyones Favorite Danish Band Just Dropped a New Single


Oh yeah, and they announced their third studio album. That’s slightly important to note. That was actually awhile ago though, it’s called Vikings and will be released on Aug. 14 via DCD2 and Warner Bros. Records.

Yup, that DCD2. Although I’m 100% sure that this record will be 100% better than that piece of asshole discharge Pete Wentz and the Fall Out Girls put out in January.

“West End Kids” is the second single on Vikings. The first, “Everywhere I Go (Kings And Queens)” is on its way up the charts, but this second single gives me something to look forward to for the new album. Hopefully this album contains some of the first new music I’ll play on my prospective radio show.

Here’s “Everywhere I Go (Kings And Queens)” because Soundcloud won’t let me embed “West End Kids”. Mccarthyites.