I Changed The Header Again

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 5.27.30 PM


I’m mainly doing this because a certain famous Internet mogul may or may not be looking at this website at some point or not maybe. I want it to look pretty.

As we can see, the iconic photo of the Stitched Up Three with the deflated football from the UMass Super Bowl riot is making its third consecutive appearance in the header. A legendary shot that is a defining moment in the infancy of this blog. That and the fact that it got mentioned on Sportline on WMUA. It doesn’t matter if it was me who mentioned it.

Moving on, we’ve got to pay homage to Boston sports of course. We’ve got one of Lord Belichick as the Chief Justice, Edelman being ignorant at the parade, the Buttfumble, the Brady/Ortiz selfie, Gronk and Chara, and some picture of Manny that Bowman, who hasn’t done a post since UMass beat Notre Dame in hockey, wouldn’t shut up about so I had to put it in.

On the music side, there’s two awkward photos of the Strokes and the Arctic Monkeys staring into your soul that Tommy wanted me to put in there. By the way, he is still a contributor even though he’s yet to post something. That’s actually his band there at the bottom.

Above Jules & gang is a badass photo of Dave Grohl and some dead guy’s faces going into one another. And finally we’ve got tow album covers that I wanted to put in: blink-182’s Enema of the State and Oasis’ Definitely Maybe. Two masterpieces.

On top of all that, the name of the blog faded into the background! Sexy.

So there it is. May cycle one in without the filter, we’ll see what the staff says.