NFL Scores Are About To Get Weird

Much to my dismay, I can’t find any clips from old Madden games of a pick-two on the two point conversion. Meaning a turnover returned on the PAT, which used to result in safety. I’m also not about to go dig up Madden 2001 and plug in my PS2.

It looks like that’s the case with the new PAT rules. Two from the two yard line, one from the 15. Those proportions are off, but that’s what the owners wanted so I guess I don’t really care. This is going to change the multiples of which the scores will be based off of (More likely to be 6 or 8 than 7), and it’s also going to drive the betting people crazy. Spreads and squares will never be the same. This also could be the first year the leading scorer isn’t a kicker.