We Are 24 Hours From The Announcement of Fallout 4

Behind only Vince Vaughn’s remarks about guns in school, FALLOUT F***ING 4 IS BEING ANNOUNCED TOMORROW!!!!

I’ve never posted anything video game related on here before, mainly because I got out of the console game a few years ago and told myself I’d return when Fallout 4 comes out. That’s because Fallout 3 was the greatest thing I’ve ever had happen to me.

And guess what is being announced tomorrow????

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.49.50 PM

This bad boy popped up on Bethesda’s website last night or early this morning. Fans of the series have become unmistakably familiar with this post-apocalyptic countdown device, also known as a clock. It pretty much means something Fallout-related is happening tomorrow, with many outlets claiming they have confirmation that it is the announcement of Fallout 4.

Interesting that its coming a few weeks before E3, with speculation speaking to an announcement. But I don’t really care. At all.

My inner nerd is about to splat all over the wall. Can’t. F***ing. Wait.