Only In Dreams: Oasis

I’ve decided to launch this (hopefully) continual series where I dish out my dream setlist for bands I’ll imminently be seeing live. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about having a blog, its that everything I’ve been itching to over share on social media has officially found a home.

The first entry will be Oasis.

But wait, Oasis broke up six years ago! After being the biggest band in the world for 15 years yet despite wanting to gut, draw and quarter each other the entire time, they finally broke up! So why am I doing this?

Well, that would be because I’m seeing Noel Gallagher this Saturday at the Boston Opera House!

Although I am a huge fan of his solo work, I’d pay the price I paid just to hear ‘The Masterplan’ and ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ live. Which I will be seeing. But I felt an Oasis setlist would be more interesting, and I also know their catalogue better than Noel’s solo work.

So here goes:

1. Columbia

Would be an epic intro to any album or show.

2. Some Might Say

Gotta bring in a mainstream hit early on.

3. Live Forever

Speaking of which, people will want sing along nice and early.

4. Be Here Now

A personal favorite.

5. Round Are Way (into Up In The Sky)

Basically I want to hear the version that was on MTV Unplugged, that means Noel has to sing it.

6. Morning Glory

Let’s tease the big hits towards the middle here.

7. Fade Away

A well-placed b-side is a mainstay at Oasis shows.

8. Swamp Song

Technically a b-side, although it was split into two songs on Morning Glory.

9. Wonderwall

I’m not one of the anti-Oasis heretics who hates this song because it’s easy to play on guitar. It’s catchy and those people couldn’t write better lyrics. You go to an Oasis show, you’re hearing it.

10. Bring It On Down

A classic from Definitely Maybe. Love the guitars on this song.

11. Step Out

Another B-side, and more Noel vocals is something I need.

12. Stay Young

Keeping the b-sides coming, another personal favorite.

13. Roll With It

Another hit off of Morning Glory.

14. Acquiesce

Quite possibly their most well-known b-side. The way Liam and Noel split the vocals is amazing.

15. All Around The World

Quite the long jam song. Very ‘All Along The Watchtower’-esque.

16. Headshrinker

The b-sides keep coming! I’ll have to do an entirely separate post about Oasis’ b-sides.

17. Cigarettes and Alcohol

I need to break up the b-sides and deep cuts with some hits. Not that its an obligation, I freaking love this song.

18. Cum On Feel The Noize

A cover that’s far better than the original. The Liam voice and Noel guitar makes this better than the Quiet Riot version, not that that’s a huge compliment.

19. Champagne Supernova

Even though it’s one of their top three most known songs, not necessarily one of my favorites. But its one of those songs I can brag to people about hearing it live.

20. Rock ‘N’ Roll Star

The only place this song belongs other than as a bombastic opener is a bombastic finale. To the main set that is, you gotta leave the drones wanting more.


21. The Masterplan

The final b-side! How is it that this never made an album? Leave it to the British to make this song’s b-side compilation album monicker 5x platinum. One of Noel’s two genuine masterpieces.

22. Supersonic

Their first single. Maybe my favorite song by them. So unbelievably catchy. And that guitar finale at the end sets up for what’s next.

23. Don’t Look Back In Anger

Regardless of what my favorite is, THIS is their best song. That’s not up for debate. I can’t wait to be like the people in the video I’m about to post below, “SOOOOOO SALLY CAN WAIT”. Remember when I said the thing about hearing a song you can brag to people about hearing it live? Well this one will take the cake until I hear anything Sir Paul plays at Firefly.

B-side count: 8! (9 if you count Columbia)


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