A (Late) Review of Stitched Up Sports’s Coverage of Tom Brady’s Best Buddies Charity Football Game, Featuring The First Ever Stitched Up Sit Down

“We’re gonna have all this social media shit up tomorrow”-Andersen

Yeeeeeaaahhhhh so much for that. Welp, better Nate than lever! The technological process was a bit complicated for us here at Stitched Up; we’re journalism majors, not tech majors. But real talk this was a great day for us and Best Buddies, a great organization. The day was packed with action, as this post shows.

Here’s a general recap of the whole day in our brand spankin’ new feature, the Stitched Up Sit Down. It’s kinda like the Barstool Rundown since the name sounds very similar we all sit down and recap current events. What better event to unveil it than God’s charity football game? Also, sorry for the switch of phones after about three minutes.

To boot, we’ve got our coverage from a few social media platforms. It’s mainly Twitter stuff and a Vine thrown in there, and although we had Snapchat stories, my Mac was being an asshole and I couldn’t convert it into a YouTube video. So it goes. Maybe we get it in an updated version on this blog, but not on this day. No Facebook coverage too. We just straight up didn’t do that. Our apologies to the degenerates and aunts still using Facebook and partying like it’s 2010.

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