Only In Dreams: The Killers

I’ll be in attendance for their first show in almost a year this Sunday at Firefly Music Festival in Delaware. Since I’m still running around packing this one has gotta be quick.

1. ‘Sam’s Town’

2. ‘Enterlude’

3. ‘When You Were Young’

Gotta start it out like their best album. Which turns 10 next year.

Side Note: But this year is the tenth anniversary of Hot Fuss (well, the reissue at least). Maybe they play the whole thing? Band’s have been known to do that at festivals in the past (Green Day, Muse).

4. ‘Losing Touch’

5. ‘Sweet Talk’

6. ‘On Top’

A string of deep cuts (and a b-side) isn’t a bad thing.

7. ‘Runaways’

8. ‘Somebody Told Me’

9. ‘Human’

But should probably be followed by some hits and crowd-pleasers.

10. ‘Bling (Confessions of a King)’

11. ‘Flesh And Bone’

One of two songs on Battle Born I give a shit about.

12. ‘Daddy’s Eyes’

13. ‘A Dustland Fairytale’

14. ‘For Reasons Unknown’

Another b-side and two quick semi-successful singles to tease the finale about to come.

15. ‘Bones’

16. ‘Spaceman’

Two personal favorites, but also two of their best songs.

17. “Change Your Mind”

18. “Read My Mind”

See what I did there?

19. ‘Exitlude’

Relax, just to close the main set.


20. ‘Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine’

Best bass line maybe ever. And it may just be their best live song.

21. ‘Mr. Brightside’

Easily their most popular song. If you say you don’t like this song, you’re lying.

22. ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’

As opposed to most popular, this is The Killers at their best. Can’t wait to scream “I GOT SOUL BUT I’M NOT A SOLDIER” at the top of my lungs.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they do a cover of ‘Don’t Change’ by INXS either. Bands love doing that for some reason (especially Brandon Flowers).