The Second Installment of the Summer 2K15 BfitzP-laylist (Includes Spotify Link! Again!!)

AND THUS ENDS THE FIREFLY BREAK HERE AT STITCHED UP! For those of you who didn’t know, our very own Andersen, Bowman, and Fooch went to the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware this weekend, which brought out Jealous Fitz. Getting Snapchats from that asshole John watching Sir Paul and The Killers slay the festival led to me sending him about 500 variations of the phrase “fuck you” via text.

But now, July is right around the corner folks. Weird as fuck, I know, but weird in a good way, not a Human Centipede way.

This blog is aimed for all six of you loyal readers, of course, but for me as well. Why? Two reasons:

1.) I wrote the first blog/created the playlist in the first place (READ BITCHES READ!!!!!!!!!) with the mindset and intentions of adding more to it. Hey, it’s tough to narrow it down to 100 songs.

2.) Sort of branching off of the first reason here. 100 songs sounds like a lot, but at times it can seem a bit repetitive. Speaking about the very first song put on there, “Shut Up and Dance,” I very confidently said in the original post that it, “…could end up being *THE* big song of the summer…It’s got everything needed to fit the bill: it’s catchy as fuck, it’s singable, and it’s just an overall tremendous song.”  A little over a month later, and I now realize that some of these other “songs of the summer” got real annoying, real quick. I was a naive freshman on May 6th guys, so I was blind to that. Don’t get me wrong here: “Shut Up and Dance” is still good…in moderation. It’s quickly approaching what me and my buddy call The Aunt Zone. A tune reaches The Aunt Zone when it starts being sung my moms and aunts nationwide due to numerous causes such as the song being overplayed on the radio. It’s where a song reaches max capacity/jamability. Some songs are able to escape the zone without being totally ruined, but it’s not too common. I have faith in “Shut Up and Dance,” because I know deep down that it’s still nice, but it’s currently endangered by aunts everywhere singing it. AAAAAANNNNYYYYWAAAAYYYYSSS, this playlist needed a breath of fresh air.

So let’s hop right into part two! 100 more songs for your listening pleasure. For the Spotify link, the newer songs start at song 101 and end at 200, because, you know, it’s the order that they were put into the playlist.

Keith Urban, “Somewhere in My Car,” “You’re Gonna Fly,” “Sweet Thing,” “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16,” and “Raise ‘Em Up,” ft. Eric Church

“Somewhere in My Car” was the very first must-add, since my friend pointed out how I was such a FUCKING IDIOT for not making it an original part of the playlist; it got snubbed hard and I apologize. “You’re Gonna Fly” is very underrated, “Sweet Thing” is my favorite Keith song, “John, John, John” is the reason why Urban is so different than most popular country artists nowadays (he makes, wait for it, ORIGINAL SOUNDING music), and “Raise ‘Em Up” is amazing even without Das Chief. Is it a coincidence that when Urban sings “you can hear God singing along,” Eric Church starts singing along?! 


Vampire Weekend, “Unbelievers,” “A-Punk,” “Diane Young,” “Oxford Comma,” “Worship You,” “Everlasting Arms,” “Holiday,” “Cousins,” “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,” “M79,” “Campus,” “Walcott,” and “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance”

Midas Whale gets the Vampire Weekend shit out of the way. These dudes just LOOK like summer. Don’t believe me?

They look like they just walked out of Vinevard Vines shoot sometimes. They’re another musical act that’s just made for the summer. I knew I would have some Vampire Weekend, and trust me, I tried dwindling it down. But these songs are just too good to pass up on. A bunch of songs for a bunch of different summertime vibes.

Jane’s Addiction, “Jane Says”


Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre, “No Diggity”

Catchy melody, Dre opening, and a chorus everyone can get into. This song is made for the beach where everybody’s just chillin’ with fingers in butts, dicks in butts. Also, obligatory clip of my future wife rapping and singing this song. Anna, you can pick the date for the wedding, the place, whatever babe.

Phoenix, “1901” and “Lisztomania”

Two of THE catchiest songs you’re gonna find on the free agent market. This is Phoenix, a criminally underrated group, at their best in my opinion. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is sneaky one of the better albums of the 2000s. Terrific songs to play while driving around with the homies.

Passion Pit, “Little Secrets”

If those last two song are good for driving around on a summer day, then this is great to listen to while playing Kan Jam on the beach. Groovy and provoking head nods and foot taps left and right, Passion Pit hits the nail on the head here.

MGMT, “Kids” and “Electric Feel

BUH BAH BUH BAHHH BAHHH DA DAHH DA DAAAAAAAAAAAA, DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to add more of MGMT (short for The Management, for you trivia geeks out there) but songs like “Congratulations” and “Flash Delerium” are a little too depressing/not hype for the Summer playlist. To complete the trifecta, these two jams are nice for a July night’s fire.

Chiddy Bang, “Opposite of Adults,” “Ray Charles,” and “Mind Your Manners”

Listening to the intros of both “Kids” and “Opposite of Adults” and trying to guess which song is about to play is too much for me to pass up. As for the other two, they’re a pair of catchy raps off of the duo’s terrific album Breakfast.

Sam Hunt, “Break Up in a Small Town”

I usually don’t like those country songs that aren’t reeeeeallly country songs (lookin’ at you Jason Aldean; I’ll burn you down biatch) but this one is too good. The unexpected dubby elements are pure bliss despite the breakup lyrics. Mark my words: this’ll be the next big country song from someone not named Luke “I Have A Chode” Bryant.

Thomas Rhett, “Crash and Burn”

Sad song? Sure. But I’ll be goddamned if it perfect to sing along to during a bonfire.

Don McLean, “American Pie”

(insert your own reason why it’s on here, because everyone loves this song for different reasons which makes it so amazing)

Walk the Moon, “Tightrope,” “Quesadilla,” and “Work This Body”

Where one Walk the Moon song stops becomming playable, three more come in to take its place. The first two are off their first album and are almost as good as “Anna Sun,” and “Work This Body” could BLOW up like “Shut Up and Dance” did.

Atlas Genius, “Trojans”


Youngblood Hawke, “We Come Running”

*See “Trojans”*

Matt and Kim, “Daylight” and “Let’s Go”

*See “We Come Running”*

DJ Crazy J Rodriguez, “Party & Bullshit In The USA”

Biggie+Pre-Batshit Crazy Miley=Party and Bullshit. Because that’s what summer is all about: party, bullshit, and good times. This song is a good time transformed into musical notes, if that makes any sense.


J. Cole, “She Knows,” “Work Out,” “Wet Dreamz,” “A Tale of Two Citiez,” “No Role Modelz,” “G.O.M.D.,” “Apparently,” and “Fire Squad”

COLE WORLD. He’s really grown on me over the last year or so. 2014 Forrest Hills Drive is a Grammy contender, I’ve always loved “Work Out,” and “She Knows” is straight fire. Uh, nice watch, RUN IT.

Hoodie Allen, “No Interruption,” “No Faith in Brooklyn,” “All About It ft. Ed Sheeran,” “Fame Is for Assholes,” “Act My Age,”and “Movie”

Keep in mind I’m restricted to Spotify tracks only here; I’d easily add tracks like “#WhiteGirlProblems,” “The Chase is On,” and “James Franco” off of Leap Year here but so it goes. Hoodie, unlike most other rappers that fall under his subgenre, can spit flames and can pump out jams left and right. Some of his best cuts from his catalogue are a must.

The Mowgli’s. “I’m Good” and “Whatever Forever”

“I’m Good” is one of the most feel good songs in recent memory, from a band that basically aims to just do that: make feel good songs. “Whatever Forever” is, in my opinion, a solid song to play whenever. Why? It’s good enough to be a popular hit, but it’s not gonna get too big. You’ll look cool and hip like all the other kids when you throw it on!

Bruce Springsteen, “Glory Days,” “Born to Run,” “Thunder Road,” “Dancing in the Dark,” and “Born in the USA”

Because it’s Bruce fucking Springsteen that’s why. I was hesitant to add the last one considering the message of the song (look it up guys) but it’d be criminal to leave it out considering the other tracks included with it.

Bob Dylan, “Like a Rolling Stone”

Can I be honest with you guys for a second? I’ve got a confession to make…I think Bob Dylan is the most grossly overrated artist of all-time. I think he sucks. And trust me, I love my oldies. I just think Bob Dylan constantly sounds like someone recovering from a stroke and that his music is generally not very good at all. However, I give credit where it’s due, and as much as I dislike The Jester he made one of the most iconic and best songs ever with “Like a Rolling Stone.” Give me the live cover by the Rolling Stones over the original, but this will absolutely suffice. Besides that, Bob Dylan can pound sand.

Green Day, “Basket Case,” “Good Ridance,” “Welcome to Paradise,” “When I Come Around,” and “Jesus of Suburbia”

Dookie and American Idiot are legendary, and if we’re talking summer jams, these are the five best that Billie Joe and the boys have to offer. “Basket Case” low key has one of the best opening lyrcs in any song, ever.

Blink-182, “All the Small Things,” “Damnit,” “What’s My Age Again?,” and “First Date”

It’s my obligation as a writer under John Andersen to include Blink. But in all honestly, these four were obvious additions. I’ve gotten to a lot of these tracks, saw that they weren’t on here at first, and thought, “Well fuck, I’m an idiot.”

You happy now?

Yellowcard, “Ocean Avenue”


MisterWives, “Reflections”

Shouting “PUT ME ON A SHELF DISCIPLINE MAHSELLLFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!” in a car is a feeling that’s too good to pass up.

CHVRCHES, “The Mother We Share” and “Gun”

“The Mother We Share” is a big under-the-radar-but-not-really-under-the-radar song (over 44 million plays on Spotify but never really hit the mainstream; explain that one to me). But with that and “Gun,” these Scots get it right. CHVRCHES is another underrated group that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention, but they get my attention which is really all that matters.

Justin Timberlake, “SexyBack” and “Rock Your Body”

The very definitions of guilty pleasure songs. I’ll admit it thought: I love JT. Dude can do it all. If I could be any other guy on Earth, I think I’d put him as my #2 choice behind Tom Brady. He’s got Jessica Biel waiting for him whenever he gets home, he can sing, he can dance, he partially owns a basketball team, he’s actually hilarious, and he’s as sharp as a tack. Buttttttttttttttt he doesn’t have 4 Super Bowl rings so that’s what makes him come in second.

Take me as I am Tom!

Brad Paisley, “Crushin’ It,” “Mud On the Tires,” “Alcohol,” “I’m Still a Guy,” “Welcome to the Future,” “Online”

Brad’s one of, if not the most creative people in country music today, and the wide spectrum of topics in these songs provers that. Whether it’s about smashin’ em up, embracing being a dude, or talking about our advancement as a society, he never fails to create unreal music.

Foo Fighters, “Everlong”

I wanna add more Foo Fighters at some point, but for now I’ll go with their #1 pick for this list. Just such a good song, not much to it.

Tim McGraw, “Live Like You Were Dying” and “Last Dollar (Fly Away)”

The first is clear, but “Last Dollar” should be one of Tim’s most well known songs since it’s actually one of his best. The opening track on his 2007 album Let it Go, it shows no signs of having any Disney influence (see what I did there?! Because, like, Let It Go, Frozen, like the movie? Yeah? Nailed it) but it envokes the “Hakuna Matata” feeling (SEE I DID IT AGAIN BOOM!) we all have in the summer. An obvious choice in my book.

Luke Bryan, “Drink a Beer,” “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye,” and “All My Friends Say”

“Drink a Beer” is one of his only good recent tunes, but damnit the feels! In comparison to his new shit, which makes me wanna kick the dust up into his stupid fuckin’ sellout face, “All My Friends Say” is a classic. It’s the exact opposite of “Drink a Beer,” but nevertheless a classic. Same deal with “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.” Man, he was the shit before 2013…

Dierks Bentley, “I Hold On,” “Sideways,” “Tip It On Back,” and “Free and Easy (Down The Road I Go)”

Sadly, I won’t be attending the Dierks concert this upcoming Saturday, so to console myself I decided to round out the country for this installment with his best tracks. No “Drunk On A Plane” because as awesome as it used to be, it’s jumped the shark. Maybe it paid a visit to The Aunt Zone, who knows?

Kid Cudi, “Erase Me ft. Kanye West,” “Soundtrack 2 My Life,” “Pursuit of Happiness”

Again, mad at myself for missing these ones. Obligatory Kanye dancing to anime Vine coming in 3…2…1…

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Heads Will Roll (A-Trak remix)”

Remembering “Pursuit of Happiness” made me think of Project X, which in turn made me think of this track. So here ya go!

Childish Gambino, “3005”

HOW did I forget this one?

Mumford and Sons, “The Wolf” and “The Cave”

Coldplay’s Munford and Sons’ new album is fire from start to finish, but “The Wolf” is by FAR the best song on it. I could play this over and over and over again. And to throw it back a bit, everyone knows and loves “The Cave” so it’s perfect when everyone’s sitting around a fire or something. If there’s a third installment (hint: there probably will be, because I know you guys will all be itching for it) they’ll probably be more Mumford.

Kendrick Lamar, “Backseat Freestyle”

If T. Swift likes it, so will you guys.

“Lemme just make sure I have these two lyrics memorized aaaaaaaaaaaaand look guys I’m such a wild and free spirit!!!!”

Elton John, “Tiny Dancer”

Because Elton fucking John.

and to round out the second installment…

Eric Church, “Livin’ Part of Life”

More country. Yeah, I lied. I know it. Ever heard of this song? Probably not, which is OK. It’s the last song on his first album, Sinners Like Me. But give it a listen. The title is what summer is all about: being and feeling alive. And the lyrics, if everyone in a circle of people got to know them, have the potential to be echoed for years and years to come. In my eyes, it’s one of The Chief’s top 5 songs, and that’s saying a lot.

Hail to the Chief.

So there’s another 100 for you guys. Two century marks have been passed, and hopefully another one or two will be passed as well for your summertime enjoyment. Enjoy it.

Did I miss any? Like/dislike the picks? Well then go take your opinion and shove it up your ass tell me on Twitter, @BfitzP17 or @stitchedupblog.