Bill Maher Summed Up How Uptight This Country Is In About Six Minutes


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I saw this on Barstool (crazy for me, I know, who woulda thought) and I just had to share it. How about this kid? If we’re gonna keep talking about jokes based on stereotypes, this asshole who wrote the original letter is the stereotypical college kid: this soon-to-be yuppie thinks he knows everything about anything because his professor is this far out person who’s an end result of the flower power movement. He also goes on to contradict himself in his own ridiculous letter. He pretty much said, “Hey, I love and appreciate crude and offensive jokes, but ‘sexist humor and racist humor can no longer exist in comedy because these concepts are based on archaic ideals that have perpetrated injustice against minorities in the past.'” Well actually, he did say that second part. Uhhhh bud, you can’t really say those jokes doesn’t belong in society… if you said that you love them and appreciate them in society…

This guy has got to have his head so far up his rectal cavity (didn’t wanna offend him with aggressive language guys) to think that he can tell Jerry fucking Seinfeld (you know, one of the 5 funniest people of all time and the guy who just saw the war for the streaming rights to his creation end? The creation which ended up being arguably the most successful, iconic, and overall funniest TV show ever?) how humor works. Bill Mahar, as much as I disagree with him at times, nailed it on the head with the Chef Curry and Stephen Hawking comparison.

Look: are ongoing social agendas, such as the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the equality of both genders, and LGBT+ rights, important? Absolutely. This generation should be educated on the issues at hand. But does that mean it’s taboo to crack jokes about these or any other topic for that matter for humor’s sake? For sure not. But sadly, because of people like Anthony Berteaux, making a witty joke without serious and aggresive intent towards anyone that is “endangered,” as Mahar put it, can make you public enemy number one for the exact same reasons that he, Seinfeld, and numerous other comics mentioned: too many people are uptight. No exaggerations, no creative jokes, nothing.

It’s becoming more and more of an actual fear of mine that by the time we’re done with college (and apparently know every single experience throughout the history of the world) the only jokes we can say will be knock knock jokes. And these jokes mustn’t include any malicious content directed towards vulnerable people. Just make sure it’s towards “the right people.” He fucking said that in his letter! “You can be crass, you can be vulgar, and it’s not about worrying about offending people. Fuck offending people. Offend the right fucking people.” Oh, unless it’s offending someone who’s “endangered.” Then no, we can’t have it in our society.

There’s a difference between jokes and actual, serious oppression. “Women aren’t as good at sports than men” and “Women are the inferior sex” are two different statements. “Black men love chicken and watermelon” and “All black people should hang from a tree” are not the same. The statements “Gay males are FABULOUSSSSS!!!!” and “Gay males should not be able to marry each other” are not fundamentally similar.

Why? Because the first examples are just jokes that don’t apply to every single member of a group. There are black people who don’t like chicken, there are gay men who completely don’t fit the general stereotype of a gay male, and I’m sure there are some softball players that I would pick to have on the Sox roster over some of the dudes that they’ve got now. See what I did there?! I made a joke! And that’s all they are: jokes. Not passing on hatred, cruelty, and inequality, just a joke. It’s not designed to be taken as legitimate hate speech. There’s jokes for every kind of person, which is the beauty of it all in a way.

On the other hand, the second examples are a set of malicious, hateful, and ignorant comments that do apply to every member of a group. They’re legitimately racist, sexist, and slander other people without any wit but with much hatefulness. Statements like these, not ones told by people on a stage with a mic in their hand on a Friday night, have created conflicts, large protests, wars, and actual inequality that most of us could never even fathom. Why don’t people understand that nowadays? People do know that there’s a clear and distinguishable line, correct? Obviously not if I’m sitting here writing about it.

Humor’s starting to die because of shit like this. Its goal is to make people lighten up a bit, but because too many people have gotten as soft as Charmin, it’s done the exact opposite. Interesting takes and points of view are being muted because a few people’s feelings are getting hurt. Anyone can dish it, or say that you can make huge jokes about “the right people,” but not everyone can take it, if it’s aimed towards them.

I think Jerry Seinfeld said it best when he delivered statements that set off this whole fiasco in the first place: “They just want to use these words: ‘That’s racist;’ ‘That’s sexist;’ ‘That’s prejudice…”They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.” Well for one, Anthony Berteaux doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Bill Mahar, at least in this instance, does.

Let’s make jokes. But let’s not be obviously ignorant, OK? Huge difference between the two people; I had to put that in there because some folks clearly don’t comprehend that since their skin is too thin and their heads are too big.

PS: How about this dude on the original Huffington Post page? I could’ve just put this picture by itself along with the video and not’ve written a word!

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