So Yeah, Jason Pierre-Paul Just Blew Off A Few Fingers By Playing With Fireworks

How’s your 4th of July weekend going? Have you partied hard? Still got all of your fingers?

Well, according to reports, Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul doesn’t! My guess is he would answer “No” to question #2 and, thus, answer “Yes” to question #1.

I’m not a sports medicine major or too experienced when it comes to playing football, but I can make an educated guess by saying that fingers are sorta important if you wanna play.

JPP couldn’t have been playing with a WHOLE lot of firew…


The reports coming in make it sound like an uuuuuuuuugly scene.

This is pretty accurate.

Keep in mind that he’s gonna be a free agent after this upcoming season. So this motherfucker neglects the fact that he has a HUGE payday coming his way (rhyming accidentally) and decides it’s gonna be a good idea to hold an ABSOLUTE FIRECRACKA in his hand. I need to see this dude’s Wonderlic score real quick because there is zero chance it’s higher than Frank Gore’s score of 6. Jason Pierre-Paul Plaxico’d himself and he’s not one of the biggest idiots in the NFL, all in the span of 24 hours. America, fuck yeah?

“Hey quarterback, ever seen a hand with four fingers?!”-JPP

PS: unreal tweet by this kid, hat tip.