Canadian Man Avenges The Extinction Of The Dodo Bird, Flies Over Calgary To Promote Cleaning-Products Company

I fall victim to the group of people who think the Dodo bird was native to Canada just because of that episode of The Fairly Odd Parents.

I bet he hit Dougie Hamilton’s head all the way up there. Yes, I’m still upset.


This guy, Daniel Boria, had a bulletproof plan. He was going to parachute into a rodeo to get publicity and PR value for his cleaning-products company. And I saw “bulletproof” with complete seriousness.

Scenario 1: He parachutes into the rodeo, is arrested and makes national headlines.

Scenario 2: He lands anywhere else, is arrested and makes national headlines.

I won’t speak for anyone else, but if I live in Calgary and am looking for a cleaning-products company, this is the only one I know. Like when Saul Goodman staged the billboard worker falling and saving his life. This guy’s company is going to go huge. He already was able to move around an extra $9,500 to pay for helium, so it’s just a matter of time.